This is a project from Northwestern University led by Elizabeth Gerber and designed by Molly Lafferty.

This tool provides groups with improvisational warm-up activities to encourage better brainstorming. These activities not only encourage group cohesion and collaboration through the creation of shared experiences, but they also help reinforce the four basic rules of brainstorming: (1) Generate as many ideas as possible, (2) Free Associate, (3) Build on the ideas of others, and (4) Withhold Judgmnet.

Ideally, the activities provided by this tool are used directly prior to a brainstorming session. However, as a faciliator or a group, the activities may be utilized at any time to help transition groups from day-to-day actvities to creative tasks.

Most of the activities provided by this tool are physical and require space for members to move about freely. It's suggested that these activities take place in the same room as the subsequent brainstorming session, so try pushing the chairs and tables towards the wall if possible.

Exisitng research suggests that these types of activities may not only increase novel ideation, but also help enhance group dynamics. More examination is needed, however, and this tool provides another oppotunity to explore the impact of improvisational activities on ideation.